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Jamara set laserových pistolí pro děti

With the "Impulse" Laser-Gun Pistol Set, Jamara brings exciting adventure gaming fun to your home. Choose your weapon, choose your team, load up and o... celý popis
do 14 dnů
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Číslo produktu:410085
EAN kód:4042774443993
Kompletní specifikace
With the "Impulse" Laser-Gun Pistol Set, Jamara brings exciting adventure gaming fun to your home. Choose your weapon, choose your team, load up and off you go... A maximum of 4 players in Last Man Standing mode, 2 players in Duel mode and an unlimited number in Team mode can join in and choose their team and the desired weapon on the gun before the battle. There are 4 different colours that are displayed on the weapon and symbolise the maximum of 4 different teams. With the 4 simulated weapon types, there is a choice between pistol, shotgun, machine gun and rocket launcher with realistic shooting sounds and vibration that simulates the recoil. All 4 have different hit power. While with the pistol up to 9 hits are necessary to achieve a victory, with the rocket launcher 3 hits are eneugh to eliminate the opponent. After a weapon has been selected, the magazine of the weapon must be loaded by pressing the magazine button. And new, save yourself, because the laser gun has a hit range of up to 75 metres. The highest range and the best game atmosphere are achieved in dark rooms or at night. This is supported by the bright light effects of the laser gun, which can be seen from far away. But don't worry, nething can go to your eano here, because the fighting is done with harmless infrared technelogy. The battle teams spread out around the area. It is new a matter of coordinating well with the other team players and developing a strategy to fight the other teams. The pistol signals a hit to the person hit with a vibration and a corresponding warning tone. The team or the shooter who still has life points on the display wins the battle. The "Impulse" Laser Gun Battle Set offers excitement, action and lots of fun for indoors and outdoors.

Hlavní charakteristiky

  • Range up to 40 metres
  • Hit detection with high accuracy ensures great game fun and motivation
  • 4 different simulated weapon types with different hit effects, freely adjustable during the game: pistol, machine gun, laser gun, plasma gun
  • Hit indication through vibration and sound effects on the weapon
  • Realistic shooting and reloading sounds with vibration effect
  • Manual reloading by pressing the magazine button
  • 3 Battle Modes: 1. team (up to 4 teams with unlimited number of participants) 2. last man standing, everyone against everyone (up to 4 players) 3. duel (2 players)
  • Team selection by pressing a button on the weapon. The team colours (4 colours) are displayed directly on the weapon, clearly visible from a distance.
  • Display of remaining lives on the weapon
  • The defeated weapon remains inactive until the opponent reactivates it
  • Self-regeneration function in combat
  • Infrared


  • Shooting
  • Reload
  • Change team
  • Change weapon
  • Hit display
  • Reactivate enemy
  • Vibration
  • Sound effects

Technická data

Součástí balení je akumulátor:ne
Přiložené baterie modelu:ne
Přiložené baterie ovládání:ne
Baterie součástí balení:ne
Nutné použít baterie:ano
Typ baterií do modelu:AAA-baterie // LR03 (alkalické)  //  HR03 (NiMH)
Piece of Typ baterií do modelu:6

Detaily produktu

Barva:yellow / red

Obsah balení

  • 2 Weapons
  • Návod k použití

Doporučené příslušenství

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  • Impulse Laser Gun Targets-Battle Station [art_nr 410089]

Další informace

Požadované příslušenství: 6 x AAA-baterie // LR03 (alkalické) // HR03 (NiMH)
CE mandatory:ano
Věk od:od 6 let
Určení:pro kohokoliv

Bezpečnostní upozornění Návod k použití

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